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Curaçao has all the key ingredients for a dream holiday. This sun-drenched island offers something for everyone with its bright white beaches and clear blue seas.

And with their genuine friendliness and zest for life, the locals make you feel really welcome on their carefree island. Your holiday is in safe hands here …

But what is there to do in Curaçao?

Nature lovers

Nature lovers will be in their element in the western part of Curaçao.

The stunning natural beaches, tiny bays and magnificent Shete Boka national park are definitely worth a visit.

On Porto Mari beach, it won’t take you long to make friends with two cheerful pigs, Willy and Woody. As mascots of this beautiful beach, there’s nothing they love more than basking in the limelight.

The largest national park in Curaçao is Christoffel Park, which takes in three former plantations. In this national park you’ll discover lots of rare plants and animals. The park can be visited by car, bike or on foot. If you’re a keen and experienced hiker you can test your limits by climbing Christoffel Mountain, the highest point on the island.

Or if you’d like to learn all about the healing properties of the aloe vera plant, don’t leave Curaçao without a visit to the aloe vera plantation.

Culture lovers

Willemstad is a must for anyone who loves culture.

The historic districts, pontoon bridge, colourful houses and pleasant shopping streets create the perfect setting for a fascinating day out.

Catch your breath with a well-earned break at one of the bustling outdoor cafes.

Sporty Types

Thrill-seekers will love the adrenaline rush they get with some of the more adventurous activities here.

Join a jeep tour (or even take the wheel yourself), snorkel with sea turtles, go kitesurfing …

Boredom doesn’t stand a chance.


Are you ready for a real gastronomic treat? Then Jaanchie’s Jaanchie’s restaurant is the place to be.

A menu isn’t personal enough for the chef here. He prefers to pull up a chair and talk about what you’d like to eat. He is also one of the few chefs to serve up iguana.

Whether that whets your appetite or not, he offers all diners the chance to try it first. Dining out at Jaanchie’s is a real experience!

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There’s also plenty for the little ones to do in Curaçao.

A day full of magical encounters with dolphins, flamingos, sea lions or even sharks? Or a visit to an ostrich farm?

At the end of a long day full of unforgettable experiences, they’ll be asleep in no time.


Curaçao’s trendy beach clubs are the place to be for anyone who loves to party.

And the islanders here sure know how to have a good time …

Do you want to explore Curaçao together but hate doing all the planning? No problem.

Let us know which activities and adventures you’re interested in and we’ll take care of the rest.